Where do you go when your recipe calls for the freshest produce and juiciest berries? You head to the famous Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets, of course. The fruits are sweeter, the vegetables brighter, and let’s not forget the fresh baked bread at the Roan Mills stand.

The open air market is a walking cookbook tutorial. “Eating whole foods and making healthy recipes that taste delicious should be fun and rewarding,” says Emma D’Alessandro, Santa Monica Farmers’ Market volunteer, Recipe Developer and Healthy Living Guide blogger, “Nature gives us the most beautiful art and it’s up to us to use it as our medium to create our life’s art.”

A little history lesson

Established by then-Mayor Ruth Yanatta-Goldway, the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market opened Wednesday, July 11, 1981, and became an instant success. Today, the Wednesday Farmers’ Market is widely recognized as one of the largest and most diverse grower-only CFM’s in the nation, with an estimated 900,000 shoppers visiting every year.

Need a little inspiration?

Having trouble planning your next meal? Then why not catch a free monthly cooking demonstration at the Santa Monica Main Street farmers market, featuring Chef in Residence Kim Vu, owner and operator of Vucacious Catering and Khong Ten restaurant. 

2nd Sunday of each month
2640 Main Street
10 am, 11 am and noon 

Each demo is designed to
– Inspire healthy eating habits
– Teach how to navigate and shop the farmers market
– Showcase seasonal California grown produce and farmers
– Provide simple cooking tips and tricks
Be sure to check out the live feed on Instagram as well as videos on YouTube

Writer Elizabeth Jenkins shares this insider tip: Many of Santa Monica’s chefs do their produce shopping for the week at the Wednesday Farmers’ Markets. Coast, Fig, LAGO, Ocean & Vine, and other fine restaurants typically craft their menus on Wednesdays and Saturdays around what they pick up fresh that day at the market.

Here are the hours and locations of the the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets, their programs, volunteer opportunities, hours, and more.

We look forward to seeing you there. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your reusable bag.

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