As we continue our month-long series on Eating Solo, we caught up with Cathy Chaplin, of Gastronomy, long enough to get the scoop on what a food connoisseur – who has literally eaten her way across Los Angeles – noshes on when flying solo.

Since 2006, seasoned food writer and author, Cathy Chaplin, has been introducing Angelenos to the best-kept secrets the food scene has to offer by way of her food blog, Gastronomy. Chronicling this information into an Atlas for the foodie-at-heart, her book, Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeles, is the perfect GPS on where to find, enjoy, and celebrate the best in these local culinary adventures.

Photo by: Laurie Hartzell Moore

Born in La Mesa, California, Cathy took a scenic route across the globe documenting her foodie forays, before deciding to plant roots in Los Angeles, California: educated in Swathmore, Pennsylvania and cultured in Saigon, Vietnam.

When Cathy isn’t busy scouring the food scene for her next culinary encounter, or contemplating a previous one, you can find her honing her writing and photography skills in such publications as Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, and Bon Appétit.

Here, Cathy shares her love for banh mi sandwiches, how running is the cure for contemplation, and validates the old cliché: laughter, truly is the best medicine.

Go-to meal when eating solo. A banh mi sandwich with pate and headcheese, likely consumed in front of my computer at work.

What does a typical day look like?I wake up at 6:30am, meditate, get ready for work, drop my daughter off at school, and then head to the office. It’s 6pm before I know it – with meetings and getting stuff done. I’ll head home for dinner with my husband (a.k.a. The Astronomer) and daughter most nights, but sometimes I’ll go out with some friends to stay up to speed on the newest spots in LA.

What I listen to when cooking. 90’s music—hip-hop, R&B, alternative rock.

Favorite meal of the day lunch

I can’t live without humor

Most weeknights you’ll find me:  in bed by 10pm

When all else fails go for a run

If I weren’t a foodie, I’d be bored.

Everything tastes better with fish sauce

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