This month, we’re kicking off our first-ever food series by asking some of our favorite foodies what their go-to meal is when flying solo. Join us as they share their tips, tricks, tales, and recipes.

Today we’re chatting with Caroline Gelabert-Noh, of EatDrinkLA, about Oreos, dancing to the beat of a Pomodoro timer, and her favorite Paris restaurant.

Like most L.A. transplants, Caroline Noh packed up everything she owned and headed west to seek fame and fortune as an actor.  Taking all that she learned as a Tisch graduate, she was ready to seize her moment in the limelight. Little did she know that her first big moment would arrive not on the big screen, but on the food scene. 

Just in case you’re not familiar with Caroline, she’s the voice behind, sharing her love for everything delicious in Los Angeles. Reading her posts is like having a conversation about food with your best friend. She draws you in and makes you a part of the whole experience. She can make a donut sound like the most enriching and tantalizing dessert you will ever encounter, and her personality is as colorful as the pictures she posts.

We managed to pull Caroline away from her hectic schedule just long enough to tell us why food blogging has become a way of life for her and when all else fails, reach for an Oreo.

What does a typical day look like?

I’m a mom – with a small child – so my mornings are quite hectic. I drop my son off at preschool by 9 a.m. and have to pick him up by 1 p.m., so my life becomes a Pomodoro timer –lather, rinse, repeat.  Between the hours of 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., I get most of my work done before I have to jump back into mom mode. I compartmentalize my life into 25-minute blocks to write. I’ll also work in time to do social media and monetizing stuff (I only get things done when my son naps).

I try to work out every other day. I’d get more self-care in there if I had more time. But that’s everybody, right?

Favorite go-to meal when flying solo?

Believe it or not, I don’t cook much. I know. A food blogger who doesn’t cook. We eat out a lot. I’m a mom, so I don’t have too much alone time, so most of the time I’m taking my son with me to restaurant reviews. My son would prefer that we don’t. He actually hates it.

But on the rare occasion that I am by myself, I’ll go to a sushi restaurant. I like clean eating, and that’s what sushi is – clean eating. I like Sushi Sasabune in Glendale. I won’t sit at the sushi bar. I’ll sit at a table where it’s quiet and I have a moment to think about the food. The quality is very good, and so is the price. 

What is one piece of advice that you would give anyone interested in become a food blogger?

When it comes to running your own blog, having too many gurus will make you nuts. When I first started, I was following all these food sites and trying to do what they were doing – but if you do that, you’ll just make yourself nuts.  Just go out and figure it out – pick one or two people to get advice from and go from there. Because if you try to take everyone’s advice, you’ll get nothing done.  There are so many technical aspects to figure out, but you can’t read everything. It’s just impossible.

Okay. Now we’re going to play a game called 11 Fun Facts. Say the first thing that pops into mind:

What I listen to when cooking:  French Cooking Music on Pandora

I can’t live without: Oreos. I love Oreos and I’m thinking about doing a sugar detox because of them. They make life bearable. I’m currently trying to do 21 days without Oreos.

Most weeknights you’ll find me: At home with my three year old. (Laughing) I know. I’m probably a boring person to interview.

When all else fails: Keep trying (and eat an Oreo). Respect your own voice. Nobody can tell your story or speak like you, so keep writing.

If I weren’t a foodie, I’d be: Acting. The other side of me without the hyphenate after my last name. But there aren’t enough acting jobs to keep me busy. If I’m not eating it, I’m voicing it.

Everything tastes better with: Salt and all the vices.

My favorite childhood food: There are two: My mom’s meatloaf and Tata’s Picadillo.

Kitchen tool I can’t live without: Microwave. I’m a die-hard frozen foodie.

Favorite meal of the day: Dinner because it’s the one I take the most time with. On a normal day, I don’t eat until 1 p.m. and it’s usually leftovers.  I do intermit fasting.  Between 1 – 7 p.m. is my happy place. I’ll do six hours of eating.

The perfect night: My perfect night is when my son goes to sleep early without any fuss and I have time to write and watch television – with Oreos  . . . in pjs.

Best place I traveled:  Paris. It is magical. My favorite restaurant to go all out is Verjus.

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