It’s over! It’s finally over! Mr. Winter has left the building and Spring has sprung! It is officially picnic season once again! Time to road test all those ideas you garnered as a Food Network junkie when hell froze over and most of the country was encased in a block of ice. So pack it up and take it outdoors!

But be forewarned. This picnic season will be unlike any other picnic season. Why? Because surviving the apocalypse calls for a mardi gras celebration all its own. We’re talking picnic food so good it should be served on your grandmother’s best china. So grab a glass of wine, and get yourself comfy because we have gathered recipes from ten of our beloved food bloggers who will take your food fest to a whole new level. And bonus! Not only do these recipes reek of flavor and goodness, but they’re actually very healthy – scoring high marks for those of you who over indulged on comfort food during winter’s fury.

Bon appetit!

Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins.

Sweet and spicy, and stuffed with a delicious blend of chicken, spinach, chipotle peppers, and smothered in melted cheese, these are sure to be a game-day favorite for years to come. (Recipe: Half-Baked Harvest).

Image: Tieghan Gerard

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

A healthy alternative to high-saturated store-bought chips, these tasty, easy-to-make snacks go well with the homemade guacamole recipe below. (Recipe: WishfulChef).

Mini Taco Cups

Made with wonton wrappers, turkey meat, and topped with diced tomatoes and Greek yogurt, these appetizers are sure to please even the most discerning palette. (Recipe: RecipeRunner)

Crispy Baked Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Bet you ruled out wings when you read the word “healthy”. Right? What would game-day be without chicken wings? That’s like peanut butter without jelly, mac without cheese. Unheard of! These baked wings are no exception. Smothered in sweet & spicy honey BBQ sauce, the flawless crispy texture makes these a definite crowd pleaser. (Recipe: Joyful Healthy Eats)

Chipotle  Chocolate Chicken Chili.

 Spicy chilies and sweet chocolate add to the superabundant taste of this scrumptious recipe, making it your new go-to, life-of-the-party treat. (Recipe:

Healthy Twice Baked Vegan Sweet Potato Skins

These protein-packed, spicy delights are so good you’ll forget about their greasy, fatty counterparts. (Recipe: Veggies Don’t Bite)

Spicy Homemade Guacamole Dip.

Rock your guac with this new twist to traditional guacamole. The chipotle peppers and cayenne pepper really give this dish a kick. Use it as a dip with the Sweet Potato Chips recipe above, or side it with pita bread. No matter how you eat this, your guests are gonna thank you. (Recipe: Picky Eater Blog)

Crazy-Sexy Bean Chili.

This plant-powered comfort food is a great way to get everyone settled in for the big games. Just don’t tell them it’s healthy. (Recipe: Kris Carr)

Image: Andrew Scrivani

Sausage, Pepperoni and Pineapple Mini Whole Wheat Deep Dish Pizza.

Yup! Pizza! But not your ordinary pizza. These babies are “figure friendly.” Just substitute the meat for sauteed veggies and you’ve got yourself the perfect guilt-free slam dunk appetizer. (Recipe: Culinary Tuesdays)

Skinny Carne Asada.

This oh-so amazing cut of flap steak is tender to the touch and basks in a flavorful soy vinegar marinade of spices and minced garlic. Whether your grilling indoors or out, this is one piece of meat you can’t do without. (Recipe: Cooking Made Healthy)

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